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If you have a great suggestion that make our products better or help move our community along, please put them in here. We will regularly absorb these comments and use them to improve the LassoSoft world for all of us. Thank you in advance for your brilliant suggestions!


Video Training

by Bastiaan Bosch, 14 October 2014

To Promote Lasso (sales)
and as Training,
It will be very Helpfull to create Lasso training Video's through
Especially It will give a good start to beginning users, to have a start "application" having a User Login, and redirection to Secure Web-Pages.
maybe a Simple "webshop" as example ?
Then more advanced trianing....
Because is well known, and training is shown in Google search/find, will receive more hits...
Yours truly
Bastiaan Bosch, Amsterdam , Netherlands

Lasso 9 issue

by Gerard Zasuwa, 13 January 2012

As a single developer with a humongous system developed in 8.5 I merely used the security model on 8.5 for user logons and passwords. I don't have the time to re-develop a separate database to manage logons and rights for users - currently have >300. I would like to see Lasso 9 embrace the previous security management model which made Lasso a one stop one shop complete web appliance answer to managing data. This makes it impossible for me to migrate currently like throwing a switch to move to 9.

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